Bob Zurke

All of the midis have been abbreviated. The mp3 selections are complete. Full versions of the midi files can be ordered. All of the selectons are available as midi, mp3, .pdf files, printed sheet music or recorded on tape or CD.

Why midi and mp3 files? Midi files contain information, not sound. This information is sent to your sound card or synth. What you hear is the result of your hardware, not neccesarily what I hear.
I have recorded many, not all of my midi files, using my synths. The mp3 files allow you to hear what I intended not what your hardware defines.
Mp3 files are compressed sound files, not quite as good as original .wav files. If you order the cd - you will get the best sound as I intended it to be.

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For a somewhat incomplete and out of date list of midi files click here

midi Eye Opener

mp3 Eye Opener
(my synths)

midi Gin Mill Blues

mp3 Gin Mill Blues
(my synths)

midi Hangover Square

mp3 Hangover Square
(my synths)

midi Hobson Street Blues

mp3 Hobson Street Blues
(my synths)

midi Lace Embroidery

mp3 Lace Embroidery
(my synths)

midi Nickle Nabber Blues

mp3 Nickle Nabber Blues
(my synths)

midi Nightcap

mp3 Nightcap
(my synths)

midi Old Tom Cat On The Keys

mp3 Old Tom Cat On The Keys
(my synths)

midi One O'Clock Jump

mp3 One O'Clock Jump
(my synths)

midi Southern Exposure

mp3 Southern Exposure
(my synths)

midi Sugar Candy

mp3 Sugar Candy
(my synths)

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