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Stan Mark

Featured in the first trumpet chair for years with Maynard Ferguson


Quite honestly I haven't felt compelled to buy a cd since they came out. Hearing this one was a different story. Originally recorded in 1982 in Orlando Florida. Digitally remastered by Ivory Music Productions, Las Vegas Nevada in 1998. You have to hear this cd to believe it. I even had my wife create a tape copy so I could listen to it while driving.

The tunes:

1) Eye Of The Tiger

2) The Rose

3) Chicago

4) I Can't Get Started

5) Autumn Leaves

6) Endless Love

7) Believe It Or Not

8) Trumpeter's Prayer as recorded (mp3)

8a) Trumpeter's Prayer Stan Mark String Arrangement (midi sample)

Copies of both charts are available if you have the instrumentation.

8b) Trumpeter's Prayer The chart for big band (midi sample)

Transcribed By Al Levy

9) In The Mood (Miller Medley)

10) Amazing Grace

Listen to any or all of these track and see if you don't agree with me that this is the best cd produced in 30 years.

You can contact Stan by writing to me

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