David Rose

Holiday For Strings

This was taken from a Piano Score and is available as midi, a pdf file, printed music, recorded on cassette or CD. The actual score is 208 measure long. This snip is 78 measures. Plenty to get a taste of the sound.

midi Holiday For Strings (Piano solo)

midi Holiday for Strings (orchestral version)

mp3 Holiday for Strings (how it sounds thru my sound card)
Both are the same but I changed the patch. String version sounds better in my opinion.

On one occasion I created background tracks for a violinist who wanted to play this song. The cd I mailed contained the original tracks + the background tracks and .pdf files of the piano sheet music. The next link demonstrates the background. Perhaps you would like to play along.

mp3 Holiday for Strings midi orchestrated (my synths)

midi The Stripper (Big Band Arrangement) David Rose / Johnny Warrington

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