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Some email I've received over the years

From: Jack Ward

I'm happy to relate that I was able to download your file and print all seven pages of the arrangement (which looks great). Thanks for your help. I'll probably be in touch with you again regarding other hard to get stuff. This one is right out of print in Australia and a web search returned nothing over here. As a matter of interest I've had about thirty years on piano, organ, sax and clarinet in big bands, small combos and solo in pub lounges. I love the selection of stuff that you have. Would you advise whether you have anything in fairly sophisticated organ stuff. I mean Gershwin, Cole Porter, Hoagy Carmichael etc as well as all of the popular musicals. Thanks again for your help. Jack Ward.


From: Eric Broder

We need to order the midi file for "Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams". I'll stick the check in the mail today ( is it still the post office box?).

The other question that I wanted to ask you was about doing some tracks from a recording that we have of Louis Armstrong singing Ten Feet Off the Ground. We like the arrangement and wonder about how much it would be to have you do tracks from the tape. (I'll send you a copy of the song with the check)

We are really enjoying the things we are getting from you.

Sue and Eric


From: Matt McGraw

Al! I'm a numbskull! I called my wife from work this afternoon and asked her if we had Adobe Acrobat Reader on our pc and she confirmed that we do - and I just printed up Meandering! Hope I caught you in time before dropping a hardcopy in the mail. The transcription looks great, even just sightreading the music. Do you mind requests like mine when I'm looking for hard-to-find or out-of-print ragtime/novelty music like this? Thanks again - this is terrific.

All the best - Matt


From: Keith Cox

Hi Al

I received the CD in this mornings mail. It sounds great.

Thanks for your help.




From: Ron Tilden

WOW!!! It knocked my socks off. What a talent you have. Thank You So Much Al. I know that the people that listen to it will just love it as much as I do. How did you get it done so quickly?

I have passed it on to the people that are putting the audio cassette together. They may need other information, I'm not sure what though. I know they would like to give you a copy of the audio cassette when it is completed.

Once again, Thank you.

Ron Tilden

Marietta, Georgia


WOW!! Many many thanks! You are the best!

Allie Clark



Many thanks for the beautiful lead sheet. You do very good work! Happy music making.

Best Regards,

Tom Croft


From: Mike White

Got the CD--excellent!

I really appreciate the timely response. Just in time for a Tuesday performance! I may want to get a copy of the key of "C". I have the book, but the e-files are really handy. I'll let you know.

Thanks again,



From: Enoch Gamoian

Hi Al,

Once again I am looking for what is apparently an obscure MIDI file and I thought you might be able to help me. The Song is "Holiday for Strings." I am doing a '70s nostalgia Website and that was the theme music for a local NBC program here in Fresno, California called, "Nancy Allen's Movie Matinee." I am the Webmaster for the local NBC television affiliate and the site is intended to promote the upcoming network miniseries, "The '70s." I would be grateful for any assistance you could offer. The site will only be up for a few weeks.

Thank you in advance for your time and trouble.

Kindest regards,

Enoch Gamoian




From: William W Bayes

Hi Al,

Music files were fine, and sheets printed out great. You said you'd need to create the other two files. Wish I could do that. Because of a misspent youth (too much fun and lack of purpose), I never learned to play an instrument and didn't take singing lessons. I get so many compliments now that I think I did a disservice to myself. Good thing guys like you (only one that I know of) are out there to supply my lack.

Have a good one,



From: Charles Wickard

Thanks, Al!

many thanks...we are very impressed woth your website and your service. Thanks again.

Charles W.


From: Bruce Cohen

My pajamas have been answered!

Thanks so very much, all three of you.

Loved the transcription, Al.



From: John Lennon

Re: Gloomy Sunday (as promised)

Thank you so much! I look forward to using your service in the future!


From: William W Bayes

Hi Al,

Bells of St. Mary's is excellent. I like the effects at the beginning and ending. Believe me, I'm having a lot of fun with the songs.




From: John Sweigart

Dear Al,

I am sorry to tell you that due to unforseen developments I am no longer going to be able to take e-mail lessons from you. I find this particularly unfortunate, since I think of you as a significant innovator in teaching me to play, with the insightful courses you've developed, and as a fine person as well.




From: ILA

Subject: Maynard Ferguson CD

The CD I ordered arrived today. I just wanted to thank you for the prompt service and let you know that I think you did a great job in creating it. As you might expect, I am especially enjoying "All the Things You Are".


From: John Farrell

Hi Al

Many thanks for Tiger Rag - perhaps Tatum's most astonishing performance. You did a great job there and I'm grateful to have it.

Thanks again,

John Farrell


Dear Al,

Enjoyed your website very much. Can I send up some compositions for your constructive advice. Your site is a real goldmine. I have been playing keyboards for nearly fifty years - dance bands, clubs, etc. Will let my friends know about your site. Would like to hear from you . Good luck from New Zealand.




Hi Al,

My god, Al. I was cleaning the apartment for Thanksgiving earlier today and I uncovered your tape from beneath some other stuff, right where I had laid it WEEKS ago on top of the tape deck! How can I ever apologize! After all the trouble you went to. I feel like such an idiot, and rightly so. It simply slipped my mind - I've only come near my tape deck once since I don't know when. I am so SORRY!

It's almost anti-climactic to comment on the tape at this point, but of course I will. I listened to it immediately and I'm listening to it again now. I feel privileged to have it in my possession and I'll listen to it often - now that I know I've got it! I'm an idiot sometimes, Al. Jeez, is this embarrassing, or what?

It was so nice of you to go to the trouble of putting all the midi stuff on the tape, to say nothing of the live performance. All of it! My favorites, of course, are the big band arrangements, particularly as they come from the arranger! As a kid, whole arrangements would go through my head. Not so today, and I know now that I had the beginnings of a gift. So, I'm especially grateful to get these things from you. They really did that broadcast just for you, didn't they? That's a great show of respect and a nice memory to have.

It was "Are You Nervous" that started this off, and I wish I could say I remember it. It's a lot of fun, though, and I'm sure it did well. Any royalty checks from it lately? ;^)

Again, Al, I am genuinely flattered that you went to the trouble of putting this tape together. Thanks so much. I hope you can somehow overlook my stupidity. Such things happen more often now that I've become addicted to the Internet. I haven't balanced my checkbook in over a year!

I guess I'm just "chasing rainbows" in cyberspace, Al. I wonder if that tune means as much to other members of my generation as it's always meant to me. Obviously, it means a great deal to you for you to have put in the practice time necessary to turn out such a bravura performance. Chopin would be proud!

Tomorrow morning early I leave for Ottawa. A "penpal" has invited me to share the holidays with her. She's French Canadian. I guess the French need a whole month to get the parties out of the way. Ciao, Al. And a Happy Holiday to you.

Fond wishes,



To Al Levy,

I just happened onto this site. It was was great to hear again some of these old jazz greats. Mine are in a collection of old vinyls 33's and 78's, albums and singles. I haven't played some of them for years. But hey, what do you care? Just wanted to let you know this site is great. I've put it in my bookmarks and plan to order when I have more time. Thanks for the memories.



Hi Al,

I received the MIDI and PDF files of Farmerette by Jesse Greer. I've enjoyed listening to the MIDI, the PDF files look great, and I've already printed it out!

Thank you very much,



Hello Al:

Thanks for the CD!

I got back from a short tour this morning and it was in my PO box. Thanks for a great job!




To all members of 78l:

I just got a cassette of a radio programme, (1958) called Upbeat Saturday Night, featuring GREAT arrangements by Al Levy! We are in the presence of a REAL pro!!!



Subject: Thank you for your cd. Brilliant! David.


I am amazed!! What a pleasure to see this music pop up on the screen. Thank you so very much. Believe it or not we have combed flea markets, estate sales and music stores for three years looking for this music.

I just printed a perfect copy.

Thank you - Chic Erickson



The Shaindlin CD was waiting for me on my return from a mini-vacation in the mountains. I'm really enjoying it.

I'm looking forward to acquiring many more of your CD transfers from the Lang-Worth PC-series. Thanks again for the Shaindlin CD. The 80-minute length CD worked out very well.

Ron Hare


Hi Al: ... I am so thrilled to have finally found George Feyer on CD. My favorite listening used to be the Echos records.

Charle Lennon


Received the CD. Great selection. Can you play that "Flight of the Bumblebee" that fast or did you speed it up after recording?


Ed Hope


Al, You've got the best musical taste & most musical know how of anyone I've run across lately.

I've recently happened upon a trumpet book that rivals what you've put together. It willl blow you away, about 4or5 hundred tasty bits. I've been picking and choosing what I need out of it for finale combo charts but my time & skill is limited .... It's in the copy shop right now...

I think you'd be one of the few to really appreciate what it is. You just won't believe the charts. I'd be glad to send you a copy at my expense, but I would ask that as you go through it, just to email me the finale files as & if you make them & if you could send me the finale files that you sent me in PDF format I'd love you forever.

Jim Dotson,

Trombonist Mediocre, but I try really hard


Hi Al, the score looks great! The other number was "It Never Occured To Me". The arrangement of "How Can I Tell Her" exceeded all expectations. Thank you. Bruce Bradley



This WAKEUP musik teaching is great! I am trying to learn to play piano (actually to do music).

Best regards,


P.S. As a Ph.D. student I am as confused as a baby in a topless bar.


Hi, Al!

1. I wish you the best of good health and good times in the new year.

2. I received your Real CD and thinks it's tremendous.

3. Do you have a fakesheet on "Baby, Don't You Go 'Way Mad"?

4. I'm thinking of acquiring some combo arrangements for trumpet, tenor and trombone, plus rhythm. Little big band style. What do you have?

I have two issues; First I enjoyed your web page immensely and found your remarks about the differences between simply playing piano and playing piano beautifully, very cogent.

Thank you.


Hi Al,

Finally, I received your CD yesterday morning. That's very nice, your scores are perfect and I'm very happy. So thanks for your work. If the Bb is ready, tell me if I can send you money for this version.

Best regards




Your Skyliner" part is GORGEOUS . I have no other intelligent comment yet since I haven't compared it to what's on file here but any musician would be glad to read from such a clear chart.



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