Andre' Previn

The unique talents of Andre Previn are dynamically expressed in a variety of musical endeavors. Previn hits a high note as a composer, he sparkles again as an arranger and as a pianist he creates a sound which few artists can emulate.
Previn's remarkable talents come to the fore again in "PLAY LIKE ANDRE PREVIN". Leading off with ''Like Blue," one of his own lilting compositions, Previn offers arrangements of 10 selections. To each of these memorable tunes he imparts the magic Previn touch adding abundant musical substance to the collection and providing the basis for an extremely rewarding musical experience.

The above is a quote from Robbins Music Publishers

Available as MIDI,.printed music, PDF files or recorded on tape or CD. With the exception of "Good Morning" these are samples only.

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midi All The Things Your Are (midified)

midi All The Things Your Are (Piano Solo)

midi Blue Moon (Piano Solo)

midi Coquettte (Piano Solo)

midi Don't Blame Me (Piano Solo)

midi Get Me To The Church On Time (Piano Solo)

midi Gigi (Piano Solo)

midi Good Morning (A piece from an educational book by Andre' Previn)

midi Hi Blondie (Previn Original)

midi How About You? (Piano Solo)

midi I Can't Get Started With You (Piano Solo)

midi I Got It Bad And That Aint Good (Piano Solo)

midi I'm In The Mood For Love (Piano Solo)

midi In Our Little Boat (Previn Original)

midi It Don't Mean A Thing (Solo Piano)

midi Like Blue (Piano Solo)

midi Like Young (Piano Solo)

midi Should I (Piano Solo)

midi The Sound Of Music (Piano Solo)

midi Whispering (Piano Solo)

midi Why Are We Afraid

midi Why Do I Love You (Solo Piano)

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