Other Boogie Woogie Piano Solos

As written by the composers unless marked.
The midi's on the web site are cut. Most of the mp3 files are complete. All of these are available as midi, .pdf files, printed sheet music recorded on tape or CD.

Why midi and mp3 files? Midi files contain information, not sound. This information is sent to your sound card or synth. What you hear is the result of your hardware, not neccesarily what I hear.
I have recorded many, not all of my midi files, using my synths. The mp3 files allow you to hear what I intended not what your hardware defines.
Mp3 files are compressed sound files, not quite as good as original .wav files. If you order the cd - you will get the best sound as I intended it to be.

All of these songs are available as MIDI / MP3 / SHEET MUSIC / .pdf files, on cassette or CD.

For a somewhat out of date and incomplete list of midi files click here

To order anything click here

midi Beat Me Daddy, Eight To The Bar Piano Solo

midi Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy Piano Solo

midi Boogielero Piano Solo

midi Bounce Me Brother Piano Solo

midi Chopin Polonaise In Boogie (Frank Paparelli)

mp3 Chopin Polonaise In Boogie (my synths)

midi Flight Of The Bumble Boogie Piano Solo
(Frank Paparelli and Don Hart)

mp3 Flight Of The Bumble Boogie Piano Solo
(my synths)

midi Rock-A-Bye The Boogie Piano Solo

midi Rhumboogie Piano Solo

midi Scrub Me Mamma With A Boogie Beat Piano Solo

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