Gus Edwards

Parade Of Songs & Stars

A Message To Young Folks From The STAR MAKER.
My years on stage and screen have been bound up throughout with the careers of child actors. It is with deep satisfaction and pride that I note that a great many of today's most brilliant stars were discovered and launched on their careers by me. Eddie Cantor, Georgie Jessel, Walter Winchell, Georgie Price, Lila Lee, Eleanor Powell, and a host of others you will meet in this book were just kids when I gave them their first chance.

This book has many interesting and amusing photographs of these stars when they were with my original group and contains the ever popular songs I wrote for them. I hope you will find it entertaining - for "to entertain" has always been my main purpose in life. But too, I would like to feel that this book will serve as an inspiration to children everywhere, and of all times, who want to try their fortunes in the glamorous world of the theatre.

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midi By The Light Of The Silvery Moon
(Gus Edwards MCMIX)

midi For You A Rose (Gus Edwards MCMXVII)

midi Good-Bye Little Girl, Good-Bye
(Gus Edwards MCMIV)

midi He's Me Pal (Gus Edwards MCMV)

midi If A Girl Like You Loved A Boy Like Me (Gus Edwards MCMV)

midi If I Were A Millionaire
(Gus Edwards MCMX)

midi In My Merry Oldsmobile
(Gus Edwards MCMV)

midi Jimmy Valentine (Gus Edwards MCMX)

midi Tammany (Gus Edwards MCMV)

midi The Girl Who Cares For Me (Gus Edwards MCMIV)

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