Carole King's Tapestry

Songs from Carole King's Album "Tapestry"

Piano / Vocal arrangements from the Ode Album SP 77009

Click on the title of any song to hear the song and see the arrangement.
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Side One

midi I Feel The Earth Move (Piano / Vocal)

mp3 I Feel the Earth Move

midi So Far Away (Piano / Vocal)

mp3 So Far Away

midi It's Too Late (Piano / Vocal)

mp3 It's Too Late

midi Home Again (Piano / Vocal)

mp3 Home Again

midi Beautiful (Piano / Vocal)

mp3 Beautiful

midi Way Over Yonder (Piano / Vocal)

mp3 Way Over Yonder

Side Two

midi You've Got A Friend (Piano / Vocal)

mp3 You've Got A Friend

midi Where You Lead (Piano / Vocal)

mp3 Where You Lead

midi Will You Love Me Tomorrow? (Piano / Vocal)

mp3 Will You Love Me Tomorrow?

midi Smackwater Jack (Piano / Vocal)

mp3 Smackwater Jack

midi Tapestry (Piano / Vocal)

mp3 Tapestry

midi A Natural Woman (Piano / Vocal)

mp3 A Natural Woman

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