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MARY LOU WILLIAMS was born in Pittsburgh, PA in 1910. She began the study of piano when 3. At 7 she was considered a child prodigy and made frequent public appearances including concerts at the University of Pittsburgh. Possessing a remarkable ear, she was able to memorize entire symphony scores after hearing them but once. A broken arm almost ruined her career but fortunately it healed perfectly after two settings. Mary Lou studied music until she was graduated from high school as an honor student at 15. Shortly thereafter she broke into show business as the pianist for a vaudeville act. Two years later, she located in Memphis. Mary Lou played with a dance group for four years before joining Andy Kirk's band in 1931. She was featured with Kirk for the next eleven years, during which time she achieved national fame as a stylist. A talented arranger, she made numerous scores for the Kirk library. She has also scored for other name bands including Louis Armstrong, Bob Crosby, Benny Goodman, Glen Gray and Red Norvo. Since leaving Kirk, she has fronted her own jazz groups and worked as featured soloist at supper clubs. Her playing has an unusual lift and is executed with a clean, solid touch, the result of perfect relaxation.

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mp3 Mary Lou's Boogie (my synths)

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