LFO Orchestra Volume 3

This is a set of improvised tunes. Playing time is about an hour. All of these songs are available in midi format. Hardware used was Proteus I, Proteus II plus Roland's Sound Canvas. The files have been converted to GM for the net.

For a somewhat incomplete list of midi files click here

All of the following are available as midi, mp3 files but not as printed music.
Lead sheets are available for most of the songs, with or without fret board notation.

All of the midi files on this server are modified and somewhat abbreviated. There is enough of each song (about 20 measures) to give you a feel for what they are like. The mp3 files are complete.

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1. midi All Of Me

1a. mp3 All Of Me how it sounds using my synths

2. midi Always True To You Darling In My Fashion

2a. mp3 Always True To You Darling In My Fashion
my synths

3. midi Apple Blossom Time

3a. mp3 Apple Blossom Time my synths

4. midi Baby Face

4a. mp3 Baby Face my synths

5. midi Baby All The Time

5a. mp3 Baby All The Time my synths

6. midi Baubles Bangles & Beads

6a. mp3 Baubles Bangles & Beads my synths

7. midi Belz

Also known as "That Wonderful Girl Of Mine"

7a. mp3 Belz my synths

8. midi Blue Room

8a. mp3 Blue Room my synths

9. midi Bye Bye Blackbird

9a. mp3 Bye Bye Blackbird my synths

10. midi Come Fly With Me

10a. mp3 Come Fly With Me my synths

11. midi Dearie

11a. mp3 Dearie my synths

12. midi Happiness (You're A Good Man Charlie Brown)

12a. mp3 Happiness (You're A Good Man Charlie Brown)
how it sounds using my synths

13. midi Hernando's Hideaway

13a. mp3 Hernando's Hideaway using my synths

14. midi How Deep Is The Ocean

14a. mp3 How Deep Is The Ocean using my synths

15. midi I May Be Wrong

15a. mp3 I May Be Wrong using my synths

16. midi I Only Have Eyes For You

16a. mp3 I Only Have Eyes For You using my synths

17. midi I Remember You

17a. mp3 I Remember You using my synths

18. midi If You Knew Suzie

18a. mp3 If You Knew Suzie using my synths

19. midi Lazy Bones

19a. mp3 Lazy Bones using my synths

20. midi Let Me Entertain You

20a. mp3 Let Me Entertain You using my synths

21. midi Mack The Knife

21a. mp3 Mack The Knife using my synths

22. midi Mame

22a. mp3 Mame using my synths

23. midi Miami Beach Rhumba

23a. mp3 Miami Beach Rhumba using my synths

24. midi Mister Sandman

24a. mp3 Mister Sandman using my synths

25. midi Moon River

25a. mp3 Moon River using my synths

26. midi My Ideal

26a. mp3 My Ideal using my synths

27. midi Ole Buttermilk Sky

27a. mp3 Ole Buttermilk Sky using my synths

28. midi Pick Yourself Up

28a. mp3 Pick Yourself Up using my synths

29. midi Put On A Happy Face

29a. mp3 Put On A Happy Face
The way it sounds with my synths.

30. midi Satin Doll

30a. mp3 Satin Doll using my synths

31. midi September Song

31a. mp3 September Song using my synths

32. midi Small World (Gypsy)

32a. mp3 Small World (Gypsy) using my synths

33. midi Tonight

33a. mp3 Tonight using my synths

34. midi Try A Little Tenderness

34a. mp3 Try A Little Tenderness using my synths

35. midi When The Red Red Robin

35a. mp3 When The Red Red Robin using my synths

36. midi Yes Sir, That's My Baby

36a. mp3 Yes Sir, That's My Baby using my synths

37. midi Yellow Bird

37a. mp3 Yellow Bird using my synths

38. midi You'll Never Know

38a. mp3 You'll Never Know using my synths

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