Bob Kitsis

BOB KITSIS was born in Boston, Mass. in 1917. His father was a prominent Boston urologist. Bob began the study of piano at 5 but didn't become serious about music until he was in his 'teens. In the meantime he heard Heifetz at Symphony Hall and inspired by his performance studied violin for a year. He switched to saxophone for a short time before again taking up piano. This time he studied with Sam Save from whom he learned about Earl Hines. He entered Harvard University intending to study medicine. He soon altered courses to include more music in keeping with his increased interest. He worked club dates and summer engagements prior to his graduation in 1933. During this period he met George Auld and Billie Holiday, who suggested he go into music as a full time profession. Feeling he wasn't quite ready, he worked as a real estate salesman for a few months. Tiring of this, he went to New York and landed a job with Artie Shaw's band. Oddly enough Auld joined the band the same day. He stuck with the outfit under Auld's leadership when Shaw abandoned it to go to Mexico in 1939. He played with Tommy Dorsey, Leo Reisman and Gene Krupa before entering the United States Army.

All of the midi files on the net have been cut back. Features such as stereo and other effects have been stripped out. These are snips of the originals. All of the selecetion are available as midi, .pdf files, printed sheet music recorded on tape or CD.

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