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In every time there are men whose special role it is to give expression to the spirit of their day. They become its symbols, each in his own field of art. Stan Kenton is such a man, the symbol of a vibrant world that finds its voice today in jazz. His story is, in many ways, the story of modern jazz, and this musical era is his. Much of the era is revealed in a portrait of the man, where he came from, what he felt...

* Maynard Ferguson

I created a special Maynard Ferguson CD containg some rare recordings such as "All The Things You Are", "Ill Wind", "Gloomy Sunday", "Be Bop Spoken Here" with Charlie Barnet + Radio Transcriptions. Email if you are interested.

Each of the midi files have been condensed and abbreviated. The full midis are for sale. These arrangements are available as midi or print. Sound recordings are also available on CD or tape. Oh yes, I can now email MP3s if requested.

Anything can be ordered by email:Al Levy

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midi A Time For Love

mp3 A Time For Love Local Band Playing My Chart

midi And Her Tears Flowed Like Wine (Female Vocal)

mp3 And Her Tears Flowed Like Wine Anita O'Day Vocal

midi Artistry In Bolero

midi Collaboration

midi Come Back To Sorrento

midi Concerto For Doghouse

midi Cuban Carnival

midi Eager Beaver

mp3 Eager Beaver

midi Fantasy

midi Interlude

mp3 Interlude

midi Intermission Riff

mp3 Intermission Riff

midi I've Never Been In Love Before

(from "The Stage Door Swings")

mp3 I've Never Been In Love Before - Local Band Playing My Chart

midi Lament

midi Painted Rhythm

midi Reuben's Blues

midi Safranski

midi Southern Scandal (I'm Missing A Few Parts)

midi Tampico Big Band Vocal

mp3 Tampico Stan Kenton Playing, June Christy Vocal

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