James P Johnson

James P. Johnson (James Price Johnson, also known as Jimmy Johnson, born February 1, 1894, died November 17, 1955) was an American pianist and composer. A pioneer of the stride style of jazz piano, he was a model for Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Art Tatum and Fats Waller. Johnson composed many hit tunes including "Charleston" and "Carolina Shout" and remained the acknowledged king of New York jazz pianists until he was dethroned c. 1933 by the recently arrived Art Tatum. His influence and success is often overlooked

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All of the midi files on the net have been cut back.. Features such as stereo and other effects have been stripped out. These are snips of the originals.
All of these are available as midi, .pdf files, printed sheet music recorded on tape or CD.

* Means Midi Files Only, No Sheet Music

midi A Flat Dream (Sequenced By Bob Burt) *

mp3 A Flat Dream (Sequenced By Bob Burt) * (my synths)

midi Blueberry Rhyme

mp3 Blueberry Rhyme (my synths)

midi Carolina Shout

mp3 Carolina Shout
(my synths)

midi Fascination (Sequenced By Bob Burt) *

mp3 Fascination (Sequenced By Bob Burt) * (my synths)

midi Gut Stomp (Sequenced By Bob Burt) *

mp3 Gut Stomp (Sequenced By Bob Burt) *
(my synths)

midi Jingles

mp3 Jingles (my synths)

midi Lonesome Reverie

mp3 Lonesome Reverie - coming soon

midi Snowy Morning Blues

mp3 Snowy Morning Blues - coming soon

midi The Dream

mp3 The Dream (my synths)

midi The Mule Walk

mp3 The Mule Walk - coming soon

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