Some other improvs by Al

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1. midi A Kiss To Build A Dream On (Tribute To Satchmo)
My very first attempt at sequencing for (G)eneral (M)idi.

1a. mp3 A Kiss To Build A Dream On
Using my synths (not General Midi)
I was fortunate to attend that recording date.

2. midi A Room Without Windows

3. midi A Swingin' Safari

4. A You're Adorable

5. midi Alleluia (Opening Sound Of Music)

6. midi Cute (Neal Hefti)

7. midi Cheek To Cheek

8. Dancing On The Ceiling

9.midi Do Re Mi (Sound Of Music)

10.Midi Edelweiss (Sound Of Music)

11. midi Goodnite, Farewell (Sound Of Music)

midi Harlem Nocturne

I Get A Kick Out Of You

I Got It Bad (and that aint good)

I'm Gonna Sit Right Down & Write Myself A Letter

I'm Gonna Wash That Man (South Pacific)

Killing Me Softly

Lover Man

Make Someone Happy

Mambo #5

Of Thee I Sing, Baby

Over The Rainbow (Jazz Group)

Rosetta (Small Group)

Seventy Six Trombones (The Music Man) Big Band Swing


Spanish Harlem

Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most

Swingin' Shepherd Blues


midi The World Outside (Warsaw Concerto)

They All Laughed

The Things We Did Last Summer

Up A Lazy River (attempt at Louis Prima Style)

Wedding Medley (I'll Dance At Your Wedding, Get Me To The Church & Enjoy Yourself)


You Took Advantage Of Me (Like JJ & Kai)

You Took Advantage Of Me - Piano / Rhythm

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