Ralph Federer

I have no information on this composer but I can tell you that these were gleaned from an INSTRUCTION BOOK and I found them quite charming. Circa 1930.

Made three tapes from music received from a friend in Texas, approximately four hours worth of music. Fun to listen to. If I am given permission, I'll put a link into his web page.

MIDI and .PDF files are available as well as tapes and/ or disks or printouts. The song clips are about 30 measures long each. The actual full length midi are usually 3x longer.

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midi An Old Romance

midi Across The Footlights

midi Cute As Cotton

midi Happy-Go-Lucky

midi Lonely Dancer

midi Night In Vienna

midi On A Summer Night

midi Roses At Twilight

midi Smoke Dreams

midi Song At Midnight

midi Starlight Serenade

midi Struttin' Along

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