Bill Evans

"I believe in things that are developed through hard work. I always like people who have developed long and hard, especially through introspection and a lot of dedication. I think what they arrive at is usually a much deeper and more beautiful thing than the person who seems to have that ability and fluidity from the beginning. I say this because it's a good message to give to young talents who feel as I used to."
- Bill Evans
excerpted from Contemporary Keyboard, January 1981

The midi's on the web site are cut. Most of the mp3 files are complete. All of these are available as midi, .pdf files, printed sheet music recorded on tape or CD.

To order anyhting please click here

For a somewhat out of date and incomplete list of midi files click here .

Why midi and mp3 files? Midi files contain information, not sound. This information is sent to your sound card or synth. What you hear is the result of your hardware, not neccesarily what I hear.

I have recorded many, not all of my midi files, using my synths. The mp3 files allow you to hear what I intended not what your hardware defines.

Mp3 files are compressed sound files, not quite as good as original .wav files. If you order the cd - you will get the best sound as I intended it to be.

midi B Minor Waltz

mp3 B Minor Waltz
(my synths)

midi For Nenette

mp3 For Nenette
(my synths)

midi Laurie

mp3 Laurie
(my synths)

midi Maxine

mp3 Maxine
(my synths)

midi Nardis

mp3 Nardis
(my synths)

midi One For Helen

mp3 One For Helen
(my synths)

midi Only Child

mp3 Only Child (my synths)

midi Orbit

mp3 Orbit (my synths)

midi Remembering The Rain

mp3 Remembering The Rain (my synths)

midi Song For Helen

mp3 Song For Helen
(my synths)

midi Turn Out The Stars

mp3 Turn Out The Stars
(my synths)

midi We Will Meet Again

mp3 We Will Meet Again (my synths)

midi Who Can I Turn To?

mp3 Who Can I Turn To?
(my synths)

midi Your Story

mp3 Your Story (my synths)

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