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Most of the songs are available as midi / .mp3 /on cd, pdf or printed music.

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Kammen International Dance And Song Folio No.1

A collection of famous international songs, dances, medleys, selections and overtures.
It was published for Piano Solo, Violin, Mandolin, Eb Saxophone, Bb Saxophone, Clarinet and Cornet (Trumpet). I can create all the parts if any one is interested in purchasing them.

Click on this link to view ALL THE SONGS IN
Kammen International Dance And Song Folio No.9

Many of the selections below came from other Kammen International Dance And Song Folios.

All of the midi files on this server are modified and somewhat abbreviated.
There is enough of each song (about 20 measures) to give you a feel for what they are like.

Song List

midi And The Angels Sing

midi Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen

mp3 Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen (my synths)

midi Belz (Mein Shtetele Belz)

midi American Medley No. 1 & No. 2 (Piano Solo)
Hail, Hail, The Gang's All Here and He's A Jolly Good Fellow

midi Freilach No.3 (small orch.) midified

midi Gypsy Bulgar No. 9 (Piano Solo)

midi Gypsy Bulgar No. 9 (Midi Orch)

midi Bulgar (Freilach) No. 10 (Piano Solo)

Midi Bulgar (Freilach) No. 11 (Piano Solo)

Midi Bulgar (Freilach) No. 11 (midi orch)

midi Bulgar (Freilach) No.12 (Piano Solo) slightly slower

midi Bulgar (Freilach) No. 12 (midi orch) slightly faster

Note: Spelling change for the word "Freilach / Frailach" is from the original music.

midi Bulgar (Frailach) No. 13 (Piano Solo) Al Olshanetsky

midi Bulgar (Frailach) No. 14 (Piano Solo) Joe Kutcher

midi Bulgar (Frailach) No. 15 (Piano Solo) Charles Corman

midi Bulgar (Frailach) No. 16 (Piano Solo) Boiberiker Wedding

midi Bulgar (Frailach) No. 16 (midi orch) Boiberiker Wedding

midi Bulgar (Frailach) No. 17 (Piano Solo) Jewish Dance

midi Bulgar (Frailach) No. 18 Jewish Dance (Piano Solo) Henry Weinstein

midi Bulgar (Frailach) No. 19 Jewish Dance (Piano Solo) Jack Boogich

midi Jewish Overture (Piano Solo)
A Selection Of World Famous Hits No.20 - 28

"Holy Eighth Notes Batman, this one is 280 measures long!"

midi Jewish Overture (Orch. a little) No. 20 - 28

The selections are: "In A Klein Shteble" (J. RUMSHINSKY), "Glick" (AL OLSHANETSKY), "Mein Yiddishe Meidel" (S. SECUNDA), "Hoo-tza-tza" (P. KANAPOFF), "Belz, Mein Shtetele Belz" (AL OLSHANETSKY), "Oi I Like She" (AL OLSHANETSKY), "Papiossen" Cigarettes (H. YABLOKOFF), "Baigalach" Bublichki (KAMMEN ARR.)

midi Roumanian Horra and Bulgar No. 29 (Piano Solo)

midi Bessarabian Horra and Bulgar No. 30 (Piano Solo)

midi Serba La Booga No. 31 Jack Booglich (Piano Solo)

This is a traditional Serbian, Roumanian Dance.

midi Roumanian Potpurri No. 32 (Selected Roumanian Songs)

A Slow Waltz, A Moderate "Holorosh"and a Lively bulgar.

midi Hungarian Czardas No. 33 (Piano Solo)

midi Hungarian Czardas No. 34 (Piano Solo)

midi Hungarian Gypsy Waltz No. 35
"Mikor Az Est Meselni Kezd" Dreams Of The Night (Piano Solo)

midi Krakowiak No. 36 - Polish Polka (Piano Solo)

midi Polish Polka No. 37 - Dance (Piano Solo)

midi Polish Mazurka No. 38 - Dance (Piano Solo)

midi Polish Bamberrock No. 39 - Mazurka / Polka (Piano Solo)

midi Bodje Moi "My God" No. 40 - Polish Polka (Piano Solo)

midi Beer Garden Memories
No. 41 - 47 German Waltz Meldley (Piano Solo)

The selections are: "Immer Noch Ein Tropchen", "Hilie, Hilo", "Ach Du Lieber Augustine", "Lauterbach", "Die Loralei" and "Du, Du Liegst Mir Im Hertzen"
The medley is 186 measures long.

midi Bandura No. 48 - Ukranian Dance

midi Russian Ukranian Waltz Medley No. 49 - 53 (Piano Solo)

The selections are: "There Stands A High Mountain", "The Snow Is On The Mountain", "Kiroptchiki" (Bricks) and "Why Was I Born".
This medley is 107 measures long.

midi Russian Ukranian Dance No. 54 (Piano Solo)

midi Ukranian Dances No. 55 - 56 Medley (Piano Solo)

The selections are "I Loved A Girl Before And Now" and "Near The Woodland A Girl Was Ploughing".

midi Yablotchko (Apples) No. 57 Russian Dance (Piano Solo)

midi Tchupchick (Curly Head) No. 58 & No. 59 and "Bright Shines The Moon", Russian Dance (Piano Solo)

midi L'international No. 60 Soviet Republic (Piano Solo)

midi In The Trenches Of Manchuria No. 61 Russian Waltz (Piano Solo)

midi Toska (Longing) Russian Waltz No. 62 (Piano Solo)

midi Cheim'e Neir Shtieler No. 63 (Piano Solo)
Hyman Milrad - Jewish Waltz, Bulgar

midi Russian Echoes No. 64 - 72
A Selection Of Russia's Most Popular Melodies (Piano Solo)

The selections are The Sun Is Setting (Solatze Nizenko), Korobushka, Vikhozhoo Odin Ya Na Dorogoo, Yak Do To Be Khoditin, Yamsheek, Who Will Take Me Home (I Shoomlt I Goodie), Dye Etta Doltza and Ech Raspashol (Russian Echoes)
This medley is 221 measures long.

midi Kalinka (Tradition Russian Song)

midi Macnamara's Band (orchestrated improvisation)

midi Miserlou

midi Rad Halilah (Hebrew Traditional Song)

midi Come Back To Sorrento (Italian)

midi Italian Waltz Medley No. 4
(No5. "Ciribiribin", No. 6. "O Marie" and No. 7. "O Solo Mio")

midi Mama (Piano / Vocal)

midi Tarantella Napolitana No. 8 (piano)

midi Tarantella Napolitana No. 8 (Midi Orch)

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