Xavier Cugat

Born in Spain, Xavier Cugat's family moved to Havana, Cuba, when he was three. Always musically inclined, he packed up and moved to Los Angeles, where he worked as a cartoonist for the Los Angeles Times newspaper during the day and labored to put together a band at night. After a few years of playing smaller clubs in the L.A. area, Cugat finally got his break when he and his band secured a job at the prestigious Coconut Grove nightclub in 1928. His style of music caught on, and Cugat was instrumental in bringing Latin music to the attention of the US public. In the '30s and '40s he was nicknamed "The Rumba King" because of his popularization of that Latin dance. In Cugat's film appearances he usually played himself, even if the character had a name other than Xavier Cugat, and he and his band appeared in several memorable MGM musicals in the '40s. After suffering a stroke in 1971, Xavier Cugat retired. - IMDb Mini Biography By: frankfob2@yahoo.com

All of the midis were created from piano solo + vocal scores. For fun I am including orchestrated midi files as well as the originals. These are short samples. There is enough of the music to hear how they sound.
All of the songs are available as .pdf files, midi files and/or printouts and/or recordings.
Disclaimer! I orchestrated the songs using a Proteus I, Proteus II, a Roland Sound Canvas and a Yamaha YS-200 Keyboard.
The midi files that I sell are for (G)eneral (M)idi sound cards and synths.

To order anything (complete files midi, .pdf, sheet music, CD or tape)
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Favorite Collection of Tangos & Rhumbas
(Piano / Vocal) Sheet Music

midi A Gay Ranchero
(Las Altenitas)

midi Cui - Cui
(Coo-ee Coo-ee)

midified Dusk (Atardecer)
(Piano / Vocal) I changed the instruments

midi Alla En El Rancho Grande
(My Ranch)

midi Flame
(Luz) Tango

midi Four Corn Fields
(Cuatro Milpas)

midi Inspiration
(Inspiracio'n) Tango

midi La Madre Del Cordero
(Famous Jota or Castanet Dance)

midi My Shawl
(Ombo) Rhumba

mp3 My Shawl
This is a sequenced and orchestrated improvisation of the song.

midi My Sombrero
(Novelty) Rhumba

midi Negra Consentida
(My Pet Brunette)

midi Night Must Fall
(Over All)

midi Salud, Dinero Y Amor
(Health, Wealth And Love)

midi Something New
American Version of (Negra Boy)

midi Whatever Happened To You?
(Vocal / Piano)

midi While There's Music There's Romance

Favorite Collection of Mambos
(Piano / Vocal) Sheet Music

midi Barcelona Linda

midi Barcelona Linda orchestrated

midi China Boy Mambo

midi Mambo At The Waldorf

midi Mambo Flamenco

midi Mambo Gallego

midi Mambo Rhapsody

midi Mambonete

midi Mambo Mania

midi Mondongo

midi Oooh!

midi Park Avenue Mambo

midi Riviera Mambo

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