Cavalcade Of Songs
Piano Sheet Music from Charles K Harris

Charles Kassel Harris (May 1, 1867 December 22, 1930) was a well regarded American songwriter of popular music. During his long career, he advanced the relatively new genre, publishing more than 300 songs, often deemed by admirers as the "king of the tear jerkers". He is one of the early pioneers of Tin Pan Alley.

Harris was born in Poughkeepsie, New York into a family of ten children. His father was a fur trader and moved the family to Saginaw, Michigan and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where he grew up. From his early fascination with the banjo, he wrote his first song "Since Maggie Learned To Skate" for the play The Skating Rink by Nat Goodwin in 1885.

In 1891, Harris wrote "After the Ball", a song about an old man recounting the story of his long-lost love to his niece. He caught the attention of John Philip Sousa, who played the tune at the 1893 World Columbian Exposition in Chicago, boosting sheet music sales to in excess of five million copies in the 1890s. His next hit "Break The News To Mother", about a dying soldier, coincided with the Spanish American War in 1897 and furthered his popularity.

Later, Harris began writing songs for musicals, working with Oscar Hammerstein. His plays The Scarlet Sisters and What's The Matter With Julius had moderate success. He died in New York City in 1930.

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midi After The Ball (Chas. K. Harris 1929)

midi Always In The Way Chas. K. Harris (1930)

midi And A Little Child Shall Lead Them Chas. K. Harris (1934)

midi Belle Of The Ball (Chas. K. Harris 1933)

midi Bless Your Ever Loving Little Heart (Henry I Marshall 1939)

midi Break The News To Mother (Chas. K. Harris 1920)

midi Daisy Bell (A Bicycle Built For Two- Harry Dacre)

midi Dreaming, Love, Of You (Chas. K. Harris 1933)

midi Fly Away Birdie To Heaven (Chas. K. Harris 1933)

midi For Old Time's Sake (Chas. K. Harris 1927)

midi For Sale-A Baby (Chas. K. Harris 1931)

midi Heaven Will Protect The Working Girl (A. Baldwin Sloane 1937)

midi Hello! Central, Hello! (Chas. K. Harris 1919)

midi Hello Central, Give Me Heaven (Chas. K. Harris 1929)

midi I Guess I'll Have To Telegraph My Baby George M. Cohan (1943)

midi I Just Came To Say Hello (Leo Edwards 1941)

midi I Want To Dance, Dance, Dance (Leo Edwards 1939)

midi I'm Trying So Hard To Forget (Chas. K. Harris 1932)

midi I'm Wearing My Heart Away For You (Chas. K. Harris 1929)

midi I've A Longing In My Heart For You, Louise (Chas. K. Harris 1930)

midi If They Don't Stop Making Them So Beautiful (Leo Edwards 1941)

midi In A City Where Nobody Cares (Chas. K. Harris 1937)

midi In The Hills Of Carolina (Chas. K. Harris 1929)

midi Life Is Only What You Make It After All (A. Baldwin Sloane 1937)

midi Mid The Green Fields Of Virginia Chas. K. Harris (1926)

midi My Sweetheart's The Man In The Moon (James Thornton)

midi No One Else Can Take Your Place (Chas. K. Harris 1941)

midi Nobody Knows Nobody Cares (Chas. K. Harris 1936)

midi Please, Miss Central, Find My Mamma (Chas. K. Harris 1940)

midi She Is More To Be Pitied Than Censured (William B. Gray 1943)

midi She May Have Seen Better Days (James Thornton)

midi Somewhere (Chas. K. Harris 1933)

midi The Band Begin's To Play (A. Remark 1941)

midi The Bowery (Percy Gaunt)

midi The Sunshine Of Paradise Alley (John W. Bratton 1943)

midi While Strolling In The Park One Day (Ed Haley 1943)

midi Would You Care? (Chas. K. Harris 1928)

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