You're A Good Man Charlie Brown

Entire Score (Suitable For Rehearsals)

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All of the midi files on this server were modified and somewhat abbreviated. There is enough of each song (about 20 measures) to give you a feel for what they are like.

Most of the Mp3 selections are complete tracks.

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1. midi Opening

1. mp3 Opening (my synths)

2. midi You're A Good Man Charlie Brown

2. mp3 You're A Good Man Charlie Brown

2A. midi Lunch Hour

2A. mp3 Lunch Hour (my synths)

2B. midi Bridge To Schroeder

2B. mp3 Bridge To Schroeder (my synths)

3. midi Schroeder

3. mp3 Schroeder (my synths)

4. midi Quick Changes

4. mp3 Quick Changes (my synths)

5. midi Snoopy

5. mp3 Snoopy my synths

5A. midi Change Music

5A. mp3 Change Music my synths

6. midi My Blanket & Me

6. mp3 My Blanket & Me my synths

6A. midi Change Music

6A. mp3 Change Music (my synths)

7. midi Queen Lucy

7. mp3 Queen Lucy (my synths)

7A. midi Change Music (to kite)

7A. mp3 Change Music (my synths)

8. midi The Kite

8. mp3 The Kite (my synths)

8A. midi Valentines

8A. mp3 Valentines (my synths)

8B. midi Lucy Opens Shop

8B. mp3 Lucy Opens Shop
(my synths)

9. midi The Doctor Is In

9. mp3 The Doctor Is In (my synths)

9A. midi Snoopy Swearlips

9A. mp3 Snoopy Swearlips (my synths)

10. midi The Book Report

10. mp3 The Book Report
(my synths)

11. midi Leaf

11. mp3 Leaf
(my synths)

Act II

12. midi The Red Baron

12. mp3 The Red Baron

12A. midi Change Music

12A. mp3 Change Music (my synths)

13. midi Rabbit Chasing

13. mp3 Rabbit Chasing (my synths)

13A. midi Change Music

13A. mp3 Change Music (my synths)

14. midi The Baseball Game

14. mp3 The Baseball Game (my synths)

14A. midi Baseball Tag

14A. mp3 Baseball Tag (my synths)

15. midi Crabbiness Survey

15. mp3 Crabbiness Survey (my synths)

15A. midi Bridge To Glee Club

15A. mp3 Bridge To Glee Club
(my synths)

16. midi Glee Club Rehearsal

16. mp3 Glee Club Rehearsal (my synths)

16A. midi Change Music

16A. mp3 Change Music (my synths)

17. midi Quick Changes

17. mp3 Quick Changes
(my synths)

18. midi Little Known Facts

18. mp3 Little Known Facts
(my synths)

19. midi Suppertime

19. mp3 Suppertime (my synths)

19A. midi Night Scene

19A. mp3 Night Scene (my synths)

20. midi Happiness

20. mp3 Happiness (my synths)

********** Bonus Track *******

Improvisation of Happiness (Not the show score)

21. midi Bow Music

21. mp3 Bow Music
(my synths)

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