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The Dave Brubeck Quartet

A music notebook is as important to the traveling musician, as a sketch pad is to the artist. When lulled by the sounds of travel, the drone of the plane, the rumble of the bus, the clack of the rails, or even the hiss of the radiator in a strange hotel room, themes suddenly spring into consciousness. If a sketchbook is handy, the elusive idea is captured to be developed, arranged or changed. "Jazz Impressions" is a group of compositions created in just such a manner, from notebook scribblings made while on tour. It was recorded on three different dates, in three different cities (New York, Hollywood and Oakland) as our itinerary permitted.

As many popular songs have been transformed by jazz into almost different tunes, different in emotional content, rhythmic conception, and melodic development, so these sketches by the Quartet vary according to the mood of the group and the individual interpretations of the soloist. The themes themselves, which are but the skeletal framework for improvisation, occasionally use musical devices which are typical of certain regions in the United States. Although these pieces have their moments of humor, at no time do we attempt to satirize the indigenous music which served as inspiration for these impressions. Much of the folk music of America has become integrated into jazz, and conversely, jazz has affected folk music itself, so that today we find endless cross-influences.

The songs are available as midi, .pdf files or printed copies. They are also available on CD or tape, also original Brubeck Lps & Tapes.

All of the midi files on this server are modified and somewhat abbreviated. There is enough of each song (about 20 measures) to give you a feel for what they are like.

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midi Back To Earth

midi Blue Rondo A La Turk

midi Castilian Blues

midi Curtain Time

midi Danse Duet

midi Fast Life

midi Georgia On My Mind

midi Ode To A Cowboy

midi Plain Song

midi Take 5

midi The Loop

midi Three's A Crowd

midi Unsquare Dance

midi Waltz Limp

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